End of life and bereavement

Even in crisis, we all deserve compassion and respect. We should not forget ourselves in this regard. 

Here is some advice from our international panel of experts for dealing with loss and bereavement. 

Remember loss is a part of life; Covid-19 is not your fault

Breaking bad news to relatives is difficult. Take time and consider this advice

Last goodbyes

Find time to guide families about actions to take after death of a relative

Consider a formal ritual such as a minute of silence for deceased patients

Notice your feelings, care for yourself and when you need it seek help to manage

If it begins to feel overwhelming, try seeking support from your buddy or team leader

Each of us reacts differently, and at different times, to loss and bereavement

Physical exercise, music and TV can all be a solace

Try to attend and make use of team support groups

For later

References and resources

Some of these tips may help you outside work for family and friends as well.

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